Advantages of Gaia Pack

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Gaia Pack was first introduced and manufactured in the steel version and was later being modified to the plastic versions which are now more famous than the original steel jerry can where Malaysians can easily see these plastic jerry cans anywhere.

Even though the steel Gaia Pack have more histories and authenticity than the plastic ones, but it can be seen that people nowadays including Malaysians favour the plastic manufactured Gaia Pack more and it is much beneficial. Below are the reasons why:

More durable

Even though steel is more durable than plastic manufactured jerry can but they are also “well -known” to be more likely to suffer to corrosion and rust, hence making them more easily to be contaminated and riskier especially when carrying dangerous, hazardous and explosive chemicals where Malaysians should take not of this. Malaysia’s manufacturers of Gaia Pack have run some endurance tests on them to see how far they can ensure where this will assure their users of these Gaia Pack will neither leak nor burst, as long as the stated volume limit by the Gaia Pack companies are being followed.

Less Expensive

It is known by people around the world including Malaysians of the fact that metal is generally more expensive than plastic and same goes to manufacturing Gaia Pack, the price depends on the cost of the materials used. Therefore, Gaia Pack are more beneficial to Malaysia’s business usage as it will definitely without doubt help to save much more from purchasing empty Gaia Pack from local manufacturers, to shipping these filled Gaia Pack due to its lighter weight in general as compared to the steel jerry cans.


Plastic is lighter than metal and same concept applies to Gaia Pack. This enable plastic manufactured Gaia Pack to be easier to transport as compared to the steel ones, as Malaysia does have their own law on the restricted weight a vehicle can transport on the road, hence storing them in a Gaia Pack enable more to be transported at the same time and this will definitely help in saving the transportation cost a little.

More environment- friendly

Even though plastic isn’t a popular choice when it comes to common environmental issues but when it comes to plastic manufactured Gaia Pack, it gives a different story due to the reasons of them being able to last longer and can be reuse more times than the steel ones, hence Malaysians can definitely use them without worrying in polluting the environment but of course, it has to be made sure that these Gaia Pack are being reused.

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