Safety of Plastic Jerry Can

By November 19, 2019 No Comments

Even though it is well known that jerry can does comes in handy when it comes to liquid storage regardless of what type of liquid it is. However there are certain rules and regulations that every country has set in the limitations of jerry cans usage, manufacturer can supply infinity amount of jerry cans but as a user, Malaysian will need to take note that storing any non-hazardous chemical or liquid will not create any problem but as of fuel storage, it is limited to where we will have to declare and pay tax to the government. The reason behind is because fuel can be extremely dangerous if not properly handled especially carrying them in a vehicle. Hence, it is only advisable for Malaysians to carry an empty jerry can which can be easily buy from any manufacturer or supplier in Malaysia, and only uses them to fill fuel when really necessary i.e. the vehicles ran out of fuel completely and couldn’t move.

Nonetheless, plastic is known to be unsafe for food and beverages storage for long term. However, these plastic manufactured jerry cans are safe for water storage, hence Malaysians do not need to worry about it. As Malaysia always faces the problem in water disruption or water shortage, jerry cans manufacturer does help to solve these problems in allowing us to safely store water when these situation strikes.

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