What Can I Do With Gaia Pack?

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Gaia Pack was first found in 1930s by the German where it was later being introduced and manufactured to the Americans, then by the Britain and to other countries including Malaysia. The reason why jerry cans’ popularity grow around the world is because of its main usage which help us a lot hence leading to having manufacturer here in Malaysia itself. Below are some of the common uses:

Fuel Container

This is the reason why Gaia Pack were invented and manufactured around the world during World War II, which is to simply store fuel as a back-up if their vehicles rans out of it and same goes to now, where it is use to store petroleum, kerosene and diesel but you no longer see people having it at the back of their trunk as people like us especially Malaysia who export petroleum itself have plenty of gas stations around the country, hence people would just need to get to the petrol station, buy a Gaia Pack to store petrol and transfer the petrol back to their car.

Water Storage

It is very ideal and common to see people having Gaia Pack at their home nowadays as many households and workplaces now store water in Gaia Pack for daily use and it is one of the reason why manufacturer of Gaia Pack can be found around the world to meet the demand in the market especially Malaysia, a developing country that always encounter water shortage or water disruption problems.

Lubricant Container

Many countries buy Gaia Pack from their local manufacturer to store different type of lubricants and as of Malaysia, it is very common to see places especially car workshops using them to store engine lubricants or motor vehicles related lubricants. These plastic Gaia Pack are found useful for such storage is because of they do not react to the chemicals in the lubricants and reduces the risk of contamination from metal container, therefore you can see it in Malaysia itself where people are more to using Gaia Pack than metal and there are more of Gaia Pack manufacturer than of metals nowadays.

Chemical Tank

Chemical companies also uses these Gaia Pack to store their chemical products as what we have learnt during chemistry class, some chemical reacts badly to metal containers, hence chemical manufacturer including in Malaysia here prefer plastic over metal. Because of the lighter weight, Gaia Pack cost them lower shipping fees too.

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