Jerrycans: Origins, Material & Types

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Gaia Plas Berhad’s signature range of Gaia Pack jerrycans are known in the market to be of excellent quality. Produced at our own plastic manufacturing factory at Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor, Malaysia, we customise and manufacture to different industry needs. Let us guide you through the origins of jerrycans, and its current material and usage types.


Jerrycans were originally made from pressed steel for the storage and transportation of liquids. They were designed in Germany for military purposes and its widespread use soon spread globally. Its compact design also meant that they could be kept in large numbers by stacking, minimizing the space requirements. However, modern applications required a liquid container that was more versatile, lightweight and cost effective. Additionally, steel jerrycans were heavy and prone to rust and damage, thus unsuitable for many modern usages.


Today, our Gaia Pack jerrycans are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is durable, strong yet flexible and malleable enough to be made into different shapes and sizes. Due to its lightweight HDPE material, Gaia Pack jerrycans are perfect for transporting and storing any amount of liquids both in industrial or consumer usage.


Our jerrycans are colour coded to indicate its uses. Besides being an indication of its contents, the colours also mean that each jerrycan is specifically designed for that particular use and to prevent contamination of the can’s contents by mixing different liquids.

Yellow packs are designated for human consumption liquids such as edible oils. Malaysia is a major producer of palm oil and thus they are perfect for the storage and transportation of large amounts of palm oil. They are also used to store water.

White packs are for detergents and medical substances. In addition to detergents, jerrycans are also used for all types of cleaning solutions.

Red packs are used for lubricant oil and used in industries such as the automotive and manufacturing industries where a wide variety of lubricants for machinery are required.

Green packs are used for the storage of chemicals. They are specifically designed to be extra resistant to chemicals, ensuring its perfect for its usage.

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