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All You Need to Know About Plastic Jerry Can!

Gaia Plas is one of the jerry cans manufacturers based in Malaysia, but have you ever wondered why this plastic storage thing is known as “jerry” can? Back then in world war II, aside from having soldiers as the resources, fuel was one of the main supplies too where without it, it will be impossible to travel from one place to another despite of transporting humans, goods, necessities or armour. Hence, the Germans came out with the idea of inventing these jerry cans to store fuel which was widely being manufactured nowadays around the world and in Malaysia too. So how did this can end up as jerry can – It was known that jerrycan comes from the American US Forces slang term “Jerry” for Germans and these were developed and manufactured by them first hence known as the Jerry Can aka the German Can which we Malaysians are being introduced to.

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Objective of The Company

Help our customer requirements by providing our quality products and services.
Enlarge our market segmentation as to increase the level of customer satisfaction
Become a premier and excellent in manufacturing and trading of plastic products.

Company Overview

Gaia Plas Sdn Bhd (755428-W) Was Established In Year 2006 at Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, with vision to be a premier in manufacturing and trading of plastic product.

Embracing the advent of the millennium, we are strongly belief and confidence to achieve our mission to serve and provide quality products and superior services for our precious customers.

What can I do with Jerry Can?

Jerry cans was first found in 1930s by the German where it was later being introduced and manufactured to the Americans, then by the Britain and to other countries including Malaysia. The reason why jerry cans’ popularity grow around the world is because of its main usage which help us a lot hence leading to having manufacturer here in Malaysia itself. Below are some of the common uses:

Fuel Container

Water Storage

Lubricant Container

Chemical Tank

Advantages of Plastic Jerry Can

Jerry can was first introduced and manufactured in the steel version and was later being modified to the plastic versions which are now more famous than the original steel jerry can where Malaysians can easily see these plastic jerry cans anywhere.

Even though the steel jerry can have more histories and authenticity than the plastic ones, but it can be seen that people nowadays including Malaysians favour the plastic manufactured jerry cans more and it is much beneficial. Below are the reasons why:

More Durable

Less Expensive


More environment- friendly


Safety of Plastic Jerry Can

Even though it is well known that jerry can does comes in handy when it comes to liquid storage regardless of what type of liquid it is. However there are certain rules and regulations that every country has set in the limitations of jerry cans usage, manufacturer can supply infinity amount of jerry cans but as a user, Malaysian will need to take note that storing any non-hazardous chemical or liquid will not create any problem but as of fuel storage, it is limited to where we will have to declare and pay tax to the government.