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Our core business in plastic manufacturing focuses on using the extrusion blow moulding process to produce HDPE jerrycans. Aside from supplying for the PALM OIL market, our jerrycans are now actively used for MEDICAL, LUBRICANT and CHEMICAL products as well. Our on-going product development innovation focuses on incorporating green technology into existing polymer industry techniques, such as biodegradeable jerrycans in the near future.

Frequently asked questions

Plastic jerry cans are safe to use as they will not rust or perish over time. They are also lighter and easier to carry than metal jerry cans.

Jerry cans can be used to safely transport palm oil, medical materials, lubricants, as well as chemicals.

We currently only manufacture jerry cans in yellow.

Our MOQ differs according to various SKUs. Please drop us a message to enquire more.

We require an average of 2-7 days to deliver, subject to your manufacturing requirements.

Our jerrycans come in 3L, 4L, 5L, 10L, 16L, 18L, 20L & 25L options.
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